Saturday, November 24, 2012

"I can't believe we made it"

If this doesn't become a "viral video," there's no justice in the world.  (Well, there's very little justice in the world anyway, but that's another subject.)  Created by David Jones and Christina Crane, two very popular announcers at WSRZ-FM radio in Sarasota, Florida, it gives an insight into what was once called "America."  Nowadays, in a nation owned and operated by corporations, fascist politicians, trial lawyers, and an utterly apathetic citizenry, this video looks like something from the prehistoric era - - - but it's not.  I hope that the conditions described here still exist in some other nations, but in America, they are merely very precious memories.


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Monday, November 19, 2012


We would see Jesus.  John 12:21

When any great blessing is awaiting us, the Devil is sure to try to make it so disagreeable to us that we shall miss it. it is a good thing to know Satan as a liar and to remember, when he is trying to prejudice us strongly against any cause, that very likely the greatest blessing of our lives lies there. Spurgeon once said that the best evidence that God was on our side is the Devil's growl, and we are generally pretty safe in following a thing according to Satan's dislike for it.

Take care lest, in the very line where your prejudices are setting you apart from God's people and God's truth, you are missing the treasures of your life. Take the treasures of Heaven no matter how they come to you, even if, as earthly treasures generally are, they are like the kernel inside the rough shell or the gem in the center of the hard rock.

I have seen Jesus, and my heart is dead to all beside,
I have seen Jesus, and my wants are all, in Him, supplied.
I have seen Jesus, and my heart, at last, is satisfied,
Since I've seen Jesus.

- - - A. B. Simpson

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Simple Act of Justice

Very well, Mr. President, you did it.  Like your predecessor, with whom you have so much in common, you managed to be re-elected.  Now that you've gotten that out of the way, and as you approach your second term, unencumbered by concerns over re-election, perhaps you could find time for a simple act of decency, charity, and simple justice.  It would only take the stroke of a pen: you know, rather like one of the Executive Orders you so enjoy.
Jonathan Pollard
It was reported, many months ago, that you were "considering" clemency in the case of Jonathan Pollard, the former civilian intelligence analyst who was convicted of spying on behalf of Israel in 1987.  (In case you've forgotten the particulars, the facts in the case can be found here.) Despite the fact that Israel was legally entitled to the information Pollard provided, according to a 1983 Memorandum of Understanding between the two countries; and despite the fact that Pollard is the only person in the history of the United States to receive more than two to four years for passing classified information to a friendly nation; and despite the fact that Pollard had cooperated with the prosecution and reached a plea agreement, he received a life sentence.  He has currently been in a federal prison for 27 years. 
Jonathan Pollard
Jonathan Pollard travesty
You and your predecessors have been petitioned by many impeccably responsible parties to commute Pollard's sentence; some of their words can be heard in the following video.  President Clinton promised then-Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin that he would release Pollard, but, when the Lewinsky scandal blew up, Clinton's attentions were diverted from his promise.  Alas, the man you refer to as the greatest Vice-President in history, Mr. Biden, has angrily stated that Pollard would be released "over my dead body."  I understand and appreciate your loyalty to your Vice-President, but you, not he, has been elected President, and decisions of clemency are yours to make, not his.
Jonathan Pollard travesty

As you know, there are two times when a President customarily grants pardons or commutes sentences: at the end of his term of office, or during the Thanksgiving - New Year's holiday season.  At a time when most of the world is celebrating the virtues of mercy, compassion, and generosity, Presidents frequently extend these virtues to deserving inmates.  
Jonathan Pollard travesty
The Pollard case was and is a travesty.  With a stroke of your pen, you can correct this injustice.  The time to release Pollard is now.


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

"A Rare and Ravishing Delight"

Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, and into his courts with
 praise: be thankful unto him, and bless his name.   Psalm 100:4

Our Lord would have all his people rich in high and happy thoughts concerning his blessed person. Jesus is not content that his brethren should think meanly of him; it is his pleasure that his espoused ones should be delighted with his beauty. We are not to regard him as a bare necessary, like to bread and water, but as a luxurious delicacy, as a rare and ravishing delight. To this end he has revealed himself as the "pearl of great price" in its peerless beauty, as the "bundle of myrrh" in its refreshing fragrance, as the "rose of Sharon" in its lasting perfume, as the "lily" in its spotless purity. As a help to high thoughts of Christ, remember the estimation that Christ has beyond the skies, where things are measured by the right standard. Think how God esteems the Only Begotten, his unspeakable gift to us. Consider what the angels think of him, as they count it their highest honour to veil their faces at his feet. Consider what the blood washed think of him, as day without night they sing his well deserved praises. High thoughts of Christ will enable us to act consistently with our relations towards him. The more loftily we see Christ enthroned, and the more lowly we are when bowing before the foot of the throne, the more truly shall we be prepared to act our part towards him. Our Lord Jesus desires us to think well of him, that we may submit cheerfully to his authority. High thoughts of him increase our love. Love and esteem go together. Therefore, believer, think much of your Master's excellencies. Study him in his primeval glory, before he took upon himself your nature! Think of the mighty love which drew him from his throne to die upon the cross! Admire him as he conquers all the powers of hell! See him risen, crowned, glorified! Bow before him as the Wonderful, the Counsellor, the mighty God, for only thus will your love to him be what it should.

- - - Charles Haddon Spurgeon
Morning and Evening

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Studies in Islam: "a beautiful boy"

Once again, we observe the Islamic interpretation of the Biblical text, Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings thou hast perfected praise (Matthew 21:16).  Inasmuch as these are Mohammedan "babes," however, the verse is not applicable, because the squeals and screams of Muslims are not in praise of the true and living God, but rather of a savage desert "deity" who was worshipped before Muhammad's grandparents were born.  We begin with the words of the "child preacher" Ibrahim Adham, as broadcast over Egyptian television within the past two weeks:


Needless to say, when a Muslim cleric fawns over a child as "a beautiful boy," the kid ought to run just as fast as he can; but six-year-old Ibrahim, bless his relatively innocent heart, probably hasn't made that painful discovery yet. Earlier this year, in May, a boy who could be Ibrahim's big brother also appeared on Egyptian television, with the following homily:


This is all part of the "Arab Spring" that has brought such peace and happiness to the Mideast recently, and about which Western liberals wax so rhapsodic.  It is interesting that the well-rehearsed sing-song chant of little Ibrahim includes curses directed against Barack Obama, as well as Ariel Sharon and George W. Bush.  The current President of the United States, who proclaims himself a Christian, may venerate "the great and peaceful religion of Islam," but his ardor seems unrequited. (We note, once again, that the author of this blog does not believe the canard that "Obama is a Muslim."  He's not my idea of a Christian, but I won't deny his own profession.) Some folks have a rematkable capacity for self-deception.

But personalities are not important: only hatred, death, and all the other fruits of Islam, with which the West is becoming so familiar.  Whether the boys featured in these videos grow up to be typical Imams, or whether they die before they reach their teens, they will have been nothing more than stooges of the most barbaric and evil "religion" in human history.