Saturday, August 18, 2012

Studies in Islam: Blood Libel, 2012

For thousands of years, the Jewish people have been victims of a horrific myth that has come to be known as the "Blood Libel."  This was the claim, first made in pre-Christian times, that the Jews routinely sacrificed Gentile children, whose blood they used in their religious ceremonies: a particularly charming and widespread version maintained that the blood was used in preparation of matzos, to be consumed during Passover.  This hideous myth was the basis of much persecution of the Jews throughout history, particularly by the Roman Catholic Church.  (Several "saints" in the Roman Catholic and Russian Orthodox Churches were supposedly the innocent victims of this ghastly practice.)  But today, the most enthusiastic proponents of the Blood Libel are, not surprisingly, the followers of Muhammad, who practice "the religion of peace" and claim to respect Jews and Christians as "People of the Book."  Such damnable hatred and abominable mendacity can be seen in the following interview from Saudi Arabian television, which was broadcast within the past week.  Here, once again, is the true face of Islam:


Mixed in with the Blood Libel, in this single interview, is the usual business of Holocaust denial and generalized Jew hatred.  Note: the French author Roger Garaudy, referred to as an authority in the interview, was a prominent Marxist writer, who, despite being a Communist, maintained his membership in the Roman Catholic Church until he converted to Islam in 1982.  He is now one of the "star converts" of the foulest and most inhuman "religion" on earth. He went to be with Muhammad in June of this year.

  from a Palestinian television drama


  1. People resort to libel when they don't have any truth of their own.

    And why is it always the Jews who are accused of this, with no basis behind it?

    Maybe because of jealousy? Hmm.

  2. I could just sense the presence of unclean spirits as I watched that video. They lost me in disgust at referring to the Holocaust as a sacred myth and the rest of it was no better. Creepy, creepy.