Wednesday, August 8, 2012

"Multiculturalism" in Sweden: Muslim Gang Rapes

When an 18 year old girl was recently gang raped by three Muslim "immigrants," the Swedish left responded by ... expressing condolences to the girl and her family?  No.  Demanding punishment of the rapists?  No.  Staging a rally for "women's rights?"  No.  They sponsored, instead, a "rally for multiculturalism," in an attempt to distract the public from this horrendous crime by the followers of "the religion of peace."  Perhaps this would have been easier to do if gang rapes by Muslims were not sweeping Europe, and Sweden in particular, including the rape of an eleven year old girl by 20 Muslims in January.  And this is nothing new: the girl pictured below, also 18, was also gang raped by 20 Muslims in 2005. But this is how Mohammedanism is being treated in the West. (Apparently, when dealing with non-family members, Muslim males can only victimize women when backed up by other "men.") Incidentally, although this blog has discussed the plight of Muslim women at length, this case demonstrates that a woman doesn't need to be a Muslim to be victimized by these barbarians.



  1. "Multiculturalism" is another term for "let's change the nation's rules to accomodate the minority."

    There's been a lot of rule changing to accomodate minorities in Canada over the years, but I'm not sure we've had the Muslim gang rape problem yet.

    Civil rights. Yep, for all but the real victims. It's disgusting.

  2. Where are the women's groups? Where are those who claim to be fighting for the poor and oppressed? Where are the victims' advocates?

    Perhaps the reason nothing is done against these animals (sorry, Lassie!) is because most of the people in power in Sweden are afraid of what might happen if they actually STOOD UP to Islamic thugs...riots, burnings, killings.

    I think Sweden should ask the IDF to come visit...