Wednesday, August 15, 2012

British M.P. Pimps for Hamas in Florida

Herewith, the strange story of George Galloway, a member of England's Labour Party, and a "respected" Member of Parliament (Bradford West).  Galloway is one of the world's greatest non-Arabic supporters of Hamas, al Qaeda, and the Muslim Brotherhood: indeed, so outrageous is this motherless cur's advocacy of terrorism that he has been refused entrance into Canada.  Not so the United States, however.  In 2009, in a single visit to the Al-Rahman Mosque in Orlando, Florida (where all the "peaceful, moderate Muslims" in that city congregate), he raised $55,000, which he personally delivered to Hamas leaders. (The video shows how the money was spent.) He is still active in such endeavors today, a "useful idiot" being manipulated by the Mohammedans to destroy Israel and the West.  As the video shows, Galloway has nothing but praise for the current President of the United States.  As it also shows, a member of the American House of Representatives asked Attorney General Eric Holder to look into the matter.  No response from Holder's office has been forthcoming, which is hardly surprising: the Obama administration is not interested in inconveniencing Muslims - - - any Muslims - - - or their supporters.  And the current President's attitude toward Israel?  Very simple: once the Jewish votes are cast, Israel can go straight to Hell.  



  1. Wow. And this guy's an MP. Why did Britain vote for him?

  2. I don't know why the voters of his district voted for him. The Muslims are spreading over England much like the Mexicans are spreading across the United States (and no, I'm not comparing the two); perhaps his district had a high number of Muslim voters. In the past, he represented another district, so there must have been a reason for the change.

  3. Thanks. I've shared it with others. However, I doubt most people will pay attention to the video or the information, as it doesn't meet with their preconceived notions. To paraphrase, they can't handle the truth.

    And George is a useful idiot.