Sunday, July 8, 2012

"Our children are fertilizer"

If anything more needs to be said to prove the truly sub-human savagery of the Muslim religion, nothing could be more chilling than these two videos, produced by Fatah, describing the Muslims' attitudes toward their own children.  Fatah is a terrorist group, of course, and many "peace-loving Muslims" would disavow its statements; but those who did so sincerely would be, in a word, infidels - - - or, in other words, "lapsed" Muslims, "Westernized" Muslims, who have abandioned the core Muslim beliefs.  The terrorists are not "extremists," as Western liberals love to designate them; they are not followers of any "religion of peace," contrary to the bleating of such scoundrels as George W. Bush and Barack Obama.  Behold, once again, the true face of genuine Islam:


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  1. That is just wrong. Leave the kids alone. Women and children just don't stand a chance over there, do they?