Thursday, July 5, 2012

Ah, Those Black-Eyed Virgins

Once again, students of the Mohammedan "religion" are reminded of the attitude of the Islamic male toward women. At times, it's infuriating; at other times, tragic (well, it's always tragic in its consequences); and, at still other times, so vulgar as to be laughable.  Here, the Egyptian Mahmoud Al-Masri, in a specially prepared "educational video" (note the peaceful, pastoral background), promises Muslim women that, repulsive as they are, they may aspire to become as lovable as the black-eyed virgins of "Paradise" - - - Paradise, of course, being defined primarily as a place of eternal sexual gratification for Mohammedan men:


Notice that the ideal woman does not "menstruate or have any of those things that people [i.e., Muslim men] find disgusting."  You know, those things "that might bother you with your wife," the nasty old thing; in Paradise, there's "no more menstruation, no childbirth ... no more of all those things that make you [the Muslim husband] nauseous."  In sum and in fine, women cease to be people, and become the mindless sex dolls that the "prophet" Muhammad decreed they should be: no more, and no less.  In this life, of course, the only "black-eyed virgins" to be found in the Muslim world are girls who have displeased their fathers; and if a black eye is all they receive, they are fortunate indeed.

Never mind that most normal men don't find female biology "disgusting," and are not nauseated by it; after all, males have their own physical issues.  And never mind that no religion believes that women will be troubled with physical problems in Heaven; Heaven, obviously, is a place where no problems exist at all. But what is uniquely Muslim, uniquely Islamic, is this preoccupation with the physical, the glandular, the sexual: it is the centerpiece of their "religion."  Even their most "holy" object on earth, the Kaaba Stone, is merely a phallic symbol.

These are not "religious" people; these are barbarians, following a demon-possessed, sex-crazed "prophet" who spoke in the name of a false and savage god.  They are the filthiest people on the face of the earth, with the possible exception of many Western Sodomites, who at least refrain from draping their lusts in the mantle of "religion."


  1. It's kinda sad that people take stuff like the guy was yapping about on that vid seriously. I feel very sorry for Muslim wives and women!

  2. Somebody needs to slap that guy.